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What 10 Consecutive Hours in Front of a Computer Screen Does To You

HIKI NŌ Student Reflections on Distance Learning, Part Four / HIKI NŌ

As we begin the first new school year in the COVID-19 era, HIKI NŌ students reflect on their experiences with Distance Learning and other challenges brought on by the pandemic:

Ivan Elf, a junior at H.P. Baldwin High School on Maui, talks about the time burdens brought on by Distance Learning and how on some days he spends 10 consecutive hours in front of his computer screen.

Emmy Okinaka, a senior at Waiākea High School on Hawaiʻi Island, is a dancer who discusses the pros and cons of having to adapt to virtual dance classes. “Not even a global pandemic will stop me from doing what I love,” says Emmy.

Joey Fujinaka, a fourth grader at Waiākea Elementary School on Hawaiʻi Island, tells us how much he misses interacting with his friends in person. “Seeing them on a [virtual] meet is just a tease,” says Joey.

Ayanna Brenner, a senior at Hawaiʻi Technology Academy on Oʻahu, expresses how difficult it is for her to get school work done at home, due to lack of motivation, the many distractions at home and the lack of a suitable work space.

Lawson Makaneole, a senior at Roosevelt High School on Oʻahu, explains how the pandemic has made “senior-itis” (the lack of motivation among high school seniors) even more debilitating.


“Searching for Purpose,” a story from Moanalua High School on Oʻahu, about a high school student who has taken it upon herself to help other students cope with the emotional and mental health issues that have arisen during the pandemic.


As the 10th anniversary of HIKI NŌ’s February 28, 2011 debut approaches, we are presenting a series of stories on outstanding HIKI NŌ alumni from the program’s first decade. The alumni profile in this episode spotlights Waipahu High School graduate Victoria Cuba, who discovered the power of storytelling when, as the subject of her first HIKI NŌ, she revealed that she was homeless. Victoria has gone on to become an evening newscast producer at KITV4, Hawaiʻi’s ABC affiliate.

HIKI NŌ #1204 (Original date: Thurs., November 19, 2020)