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How A Childhood Dream Turned Into A Career

HIKI NŌ Alumni Profiles, Part Two

In celebration of the 10th Anniversary of HIKI NŌ, outstanding alumni from the first decade of the program are profiled in this second installment of a two-part series. Featured in this episode are:

Moanalua High School graduate Andrew Tran, who produced a HIKI NŌ story in Season One about a teen father. After high school Andrew pursued his passion for storytelling and now runs a highly successful boutique production company that tells the stories of some of the largest corporations in Hawaiʻi.

Maui High School graduate Yasha Ronquillo, whose experience as a HIKI NŌ student inspired her to become a HIKI NŌ teacher at her alma mater.

Waipahu High School graduate Karen Cayme was a co-host on the fifth episode of HIKI NŌ in the spring of 2011. When Karen came into the PBS Hawaiʻi studio to tape her host segments, she thought to herself, “This is where I’d like to work someday.” Ten years later, Karen is an Advancement (fundraising) Specialist at PBS Hawaiʻi.

Hilo High School graduate Luke Eclipse-Ujano represented his school when they were home-base for one of the very first HIKI NŌ episodes. This experience inspired him to become a technology specialist and media teacher at his alma mater.

Roosevelt High School graduate Satoshi Sugiyama wanted to be a news reporter ever since he was in elementary school in Japan. HIKI NŌ gave him his first opportunity to be the reporter on (as well as to write and produce) a television news story. He has been on a fast career track in journalism ever since. Satoshi, now 25, is the political reporter for the Japan Times, a national newspaper in Japan.

HIKI NŌ 1220 6|17|21: HIKI NŌ Alumni Profiles, Part Two