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The Global Squeeze: How Do We Keep Hawaiʻi Hawaiʻi?
KĀKOU – Hawai‘i’s Town Hall

PBS Hawaiʻi held a second live town hall to consider where we are, and where we want to be. Change is inevitable. Some changes come quietly, incrementally, over years; others seem to emerge all of a sudden and nearly full-blown. How is Hawai‘i changing – for better, for worse, or both?

This was not a conversation about major controversial events that have been dividing our community. This was not a conversation about pro-this, or anti-that. Rather this was a discussion about the finer details of life in Hawai‘i that affect our sense of place. What details compromise the core essence of Hawai‘i – and where are we willing to draw the line?

We invited 40 individuals from across the state to participate in this frank, respectful and community-based discussion in our studio.