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Maui High School story to be featured on PBS NewsHour

Maui High School story to be featured on PBS NewsHour

A story on campus safety by Maui High School students will air on tonight’s PBS NewsHour.

The story, “Schools, Not Prisons,” covers the unique safety challenges Hawaiiʻ schools face, since local campuses are open and contain multiple buildings.  The story also features Puu Kukui Elementary School, a new school in Wailuku that was designed with safety in mind.

The story is part of a PBS NewsHour series, “The New Safe,” a collaboration between PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs and Student Television Network. The series “investigates how schools across the country are rethinking what it means to feel safe and be safe at school,” according to PBS NewsHour.

April marks anniversaries of the tragedies at Columbine and Virginia Tech.

Maui High School is one of two Hawaiʻi schools that participate in PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs, which connects schools with mentors in public media and provides a collaborative space for digital media, critical thinking and communication skills, while developing news reports.