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San Antonio, Texas


This series combines flavorful ingredients, top chefs and beautiful locations for the ultimate dining experience. In the third season of the Emmy-nominated series, Australian Chef Pete Evans goes coast-to-coast, and across the sea, traveling to Nashville, Louisville, Miami, San Antonio, Hawaii and other US locations to meet the best chefs in each area and cook a delicious meal that incorporates local and seasonal ingredients.


San Antonio, Texas
Pete joins “Rising Star Chef” Jason Dady and Chef Diana Barrios Trevino in San Antonio for a Tex-Mex feast. Their first stop is the Sanitary Tortilla Company, supplier of tortillas to over 85 restaurants across Texas. Next Pete and Diana visit Bending Branch Winery to select some local wines for their meal. For dinner, Jason cooks up a roasted chile salsa while Diana prepares her fresh salsa and one of the main dishes: puffy chicken tacos with a side of classic rice and beans. Jason’s main dish is beef fajitas with tomatillo-walnut mole.