Air date: Sat., Oct. 4, 8:00 pm


There was a time when traditional Hawaiian music could be heard throughout Waikiki. Today, there is still a place where traditional Hawaiian music is played, where the mele of our home are sung, and where the moolelo of hula and Hawaiian chant are shared: Na Mele, on PBS Hawaii. Na Mele Moments shares a treasure of memories, including: an impromptu jam in Waimea, the beautiful voice of Mahi Beamer, and the pure joy of Aunty Genoa Keawe. To honor the late Dennis Kamakahi and Aunty Genoa, David Kamakahi and his group Waipuna, and Pomaika‘i Keawe Lyman and the Keawe Ohana, perform live in the PBS Hawaii studio.



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