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Financial Advice from TikTok, A Passion for Go Kart Racing and More

HIKI NŌ #1304

Tues., November 9, 2021 7:30 pm

HIKI NŌ, Hawaiʻi’s New Wave of Storytellers, brings more stories of personal growth, finding passions, and staying motivated during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This episode is hosted by Camrenn Cabalar, a junior at Hilo High School on East Hawaiʻi Island. This summer, Cabalar stumbled across financial advice on TikTok and became inspired to learn more about financial planning. He shares his learning journey in a Student Reflection, which he worked on with the guidance of HIKI NŌ mentor Shirley Thompson. Thompson visits the PBS Hawaiʻi studio to share her thoughts about the experience of being a mentor with the program and how Cabalar’s video evolved.

Next comes a story from Central Oʻahu — a profile of Highlands Intermediate student Marina Vowell, who shares her lifelong passion for go kart racing.

From students at Chiefess Kamakahelei Middle School on Kauaʻi comes a story from the HIKI NŌ archives that highlights another Oʻahu family that shares the love of racing.

Kailani Ibanez, a junior at H.P. Baldwin High School on Maui, shares two reflection pieces she has made over her high school career that illustrate personal growth and a sense of wonder as she prepares to enter her senior year.

Logan Tsukiyama, a Maui High School student, realized she had adopted a sedentary lifestyle during the pandemic. When she dove into research and produced a story about it for the PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs, she discovered she wasn’t alone. Tsukiyama shares a shorter version of her Student Reporting Labs piece with HIKI NŌ.

On Hawaiʻi Island, Konawaena High School Senior Dylan Crusat shares a profile of his own father, a retired police officer battling cancer.

Students from Kauaʻi High School take a look behind the curtain at a local theater production of MOANA Jr. and interview the directors and cast about staging a play as the pandemic ensues.

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