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PBS Hawaiʻi Receives 2022 Development Award From PBS National


Jody Shiroma
PBS Hawai‘i


Friday, July 29, 2022


(HONOLULU, HI) –PBS Hawaiʻi was recognized as one of four stations across the nation to receive a PBS 2022 Development Award. The award received was for Special Achievement/Innovation for the #PBSHawaiineighbor campaign. The award recognizes the larger organizational and community impact through innovation.

“We are thrilled to recognize KSPS PBS, Alaska Public Media, South Dakota Public Broadcasting, PBS Hawaiʻi, and Blair Ryan of the Iowa PBS Foundation for their fundraising efforts,” said Paula Kerger, PBS President and CEO. “This important work ensures resources for local stations and communities and further enables PBS to fulfill its mission.”

The goal of the #PBSHawaiineighbor campaign was to find a way to engage with donors during the uncertainty of the pandemic and celebrate neighborhoods and the strength of our island communities.  The station took a page from the iconic childhood song by Mister Rogers, asking the community “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?” in a musical fundraiser that was jumpstarted by Hawai`i entertainers. Some performers even sang a Hawaiian-language version of the song.

“We are grateful to be recognized for the creative concept that our team came up with to further our brand and our station’s mission,” Ron Mizutani, PBS Hawaiʻi President and CEO said. “The importance of neighborhood and community continue to be a part of who we are, and we continue to connect with one another in ways that show what being a good neighbor is.”

Among those who participated included Jake Shimabukuro, Raiatea Helm,  John Cruz, Pōmaikaʻi Keawe Lyman, Mailani Makainai, Loretta Ables Sayre, Keola Beamer, Keilana, Kuʻuipo Kumukahi, Kimee Balmilero, John Olandy, Yoza. John Kolivas and Marlene Sai.

The campaign exceeded its goal of $16,000, raising $30,000 to further the station’s mission.

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