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Reviving Rituals and a New Season for the Ala Wai

In this episode of HIKI NŌ on PBS Hawai‘i, watch the latest stories from Hawai‘i’s New Wave of Storytellers, representing schools on O‘ahu, Hawai‘i Island, Maui and Kaua‘i, and see some of their nationally recognized and award winning work.

Pearl City High School freshman Sophia Santos, who has been involved with HIKI NŌ since she attended Highlands Intermediate School, hosts the show for a second time.

Gavin Simon, a senior at McKinley High School on O‘ahu, shares an update on the health of the Ala Wai Canal in Waikiki in a special segment titled, “Did you know? These Mudballs Can Eat Sludge!”

Liana Doppmann, an 8th grader at Hawai‘i Preparatory Academy on Hawai‘i Island, shares the challenges and rewards of preparing for a Jewish right of passage in her Student Reflection entitled, “Becoming a Bat Mitzvah.”

Students at Wai‘anae High School on O‘ahu, many of whom have participated with HIKI NŌ throughout their school careers, received national recognition at the Student Television Network Challenge competition in November 2023. They adapted their first place award-winning feature story about the traditions of the Hawaiian Makahiki season for HIKI NŌ on PBS Hawai‘ī.

The HIKI NŌ students at Wai‘anae High School also pull back the curtain on their own student broadcast production program in a special behind-the-scenes vlog video, which received second place in the Vlog category at the 2023 STN Challenge last November.

On Kaua‘i, students at Chiefess Kamakahelei Middle School dive into the traditions behind their longtime school morning show in a special HIKI NŌ segment called, “Did You Know? The History Behind CKMSʻ Award-Winning Morning Broadcast.”

Finally, students at Wai‘anae Intermediate School share a feature story about an impressive mother-daughter baking team on O‘ahu who raised funds for people affected by the Maui wildfires in August 2023.

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Gavin Simon, senior, McKinley High School, O‘ahu

“Did you know that there is something that can eat up sludge? The sludge in the Ala Wai Canal has become a big issue, building up over the years and creating a toxic environment. However, there is a solution. Packed with good effective microorganisms, Genki Balls are filled with healthy microbes that love to eat sludge.”