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Enjoy these past episodes of chicken skin tales as told on our What School You Went? podcast.

We reached into our collection of HIKI NŌ stories created by Hawaiʻi’s elementary, middle and high school students, to find the spookiest ones.

Students from Keaʻau High School report on the various mysterious and inexplicable incidents that occur at the school.

David Dacanay, a student at Mid-Pacific Institute, tells the story of a friendly apparition, the “Holoku Lady”.

Ali Aaron Yu, a student at Waiākea High School, tells the story of an ancient Hawaiian warrior trail on campus, leading to unforeseen sightings.

Tiffany Sagucio, a student at Kauaʻi High School, tells the story of supernatural sightings across the sacred site her campus was built on.

Students from Moanalua High School collect stories about the ‘unregistered’ occupants on their campus

Emma Olipas, a student at ʻIlima Intermediate School, tells the story of supernatural activity connected to their band room.

We reached into the archives of one of our former programs, Spectrum Hawaii, to share these two ghost stories.


The Story of Lee Chew
From the PBS Hawaiʻi archives: in 1924, a Chinese man named Lee Chew died in Hawaiʻi. His family planned to take his remains back to China, but was prevented by World War II. His bones sat for years in a suitcase at the Mānoa Chinese Cemetery – until his grandson’s wife receives a message…


PBS HAWAIʻI – Pele Hitches a Ride (as told by Glen Grant)
From the PBS Hawai’i archives, master storyteller Glen Grant recounts the local legend of the hitchhiking woman in the long dress.