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Chef Edward Lee embarks on adventures that take him out of the kitchen and into the depths of what moves and motivates him — seeking the history of what it means to be a chef, the key to making a perfect bourbon, the call of that culinary siren, the American South. One part Southern soul, one part Asian spice and one part New York attitude, Lee is a Korean American who grew up in Brooklyn, trained in NYC kitchens and has spent the better part of a decade honing his vision at 610 Magnolia Restaurant in Louisville, Kentucky.



What makes bourbon the classic American spirit, and why is it so closely associated with Kentucky? Ed and his band of merry men and women, including whiskey patriarch Julian Van Winkle, Matt Jamie from Bourbon and Barrel Foods, Chef Paul Qui and special guest and bourbon lover Aisha Tyler, set out to distill this prized and often misunderstood liquor down to its many parts and enjoy it both in the glass and on the plate.