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Harbor from the Holocaust


In 2007, funded by the Hongkou District People’s Government, the former Ohel Moshe Synagogue was renovated and turned into the Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum. The Museum, which includes a great abundance of historical records, is now serving as witness to the history of Jewish Refugees in Shanghai. It has received more than 120,000 visitors from 76 foreign countries and regions, mostly from Israel, America and France.

According to the materials and stories that have been collected and accumulated over the past, the Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum specially designed the traveling exhibition – Jewish Refugees and Shanghai.After a successful display in Germany in 2011 and Israel in 2012, this exhibition is now coming to the United States in the year of 2013.

This is a virtual exhibition about love and tolerance. It offers viewers a better understanding of this period in history and the Chinese people. This virtual exhibit is also a warning to prevent tragedies like this in the future. Click on the links below to read about a few Shanghailanders.

Eric Goldstaub

Gerald Moses

Moritz Sachs

Ho Feng Shan

Ellen Chaim Kracko

Fred Antman

Gary Matzdorff

Inge Bromberger Wendriner

Jakub Wertans

Shlomo Liphitz Sanzetti

Evelyn Pike Rubin

Karl Maehrischel

Gerda Brender

Josef Rossbach

Peter Max

Vera Sasson

Jerry Lindenstraus

Sara Imas

Kurt Duldner

Rosalia Shoshana Tuetzer